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A constant-voltage supply doesn't determine the current: Absence of transformer to modify voltage levels. Normally it is used at transmission voltages of KV or above.

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For more in-depth information about connecting full wave rectifiers, see How to Connect a Full-wave Rectifier. Some filtering may take place as well. Universal input Since there is circuitry in the supply to tolerate some input voltage fluctuations, it's not much harder to make the valid input voltage range wider and cover any valid wall power found anywhere in the world.

Another issue with unregulated supplies is that the output voltage not only is a function of the input voltage, but will also fluctuate with how much current is being drawn from the supply. Power is "lost" converted to heat when components operate in their linear regions and, consequently, switching converters are usually more efficient than linear converters because their components spend less time in linear operating regions.

Linear regulators can also reduce the magnitude of ripple and noise on the output voltage. Though it may not be obvious at first reading, this question may actually serve as a lead-in for discussing voltage multiplier circuits. Furthermore, customers incur higher electric bills when operating lower power factor loads.

Functional[ edit ] Power supplies are categorized in various ways, including by functional features.

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In some cases, the source voltage is the same as the output voltage; this is called an isolation transformer. Don't let the power supply hang suspended from either power cord. A bench power supply is a stand-alone desktop unit used in applications such as circuit test and development.

Question 2 A technician builds a simple half-wave rectifier circuit for a project, but is surprised to find that the diode keeps failing: Switched-mode supplies with protection circuits may briefly turn on but then shut down when no load has been detected. The filter removes most, but not all of the AC voltage variations; the remaining AC voltage is known as ripple.

For more in-depth information about smoothing capacitors, see What is a Smoothing Capacitor. Power supply electrical safety To connect the power supply to your Xbox:.

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Very basic DC power supplies, called unregulated, just step down the input AC (generally the DC you want is at a much lower voltage than the wall power you plug the supply into), rectify it to produce DC, add a output cap to reduce ripple, and call it a day.

Years ago, many power supplies were like that. Power supplies or power supply units, PSU, form an essential part of very many items of electronics equipment.

The most common form takes in AC power from the mains supply and delivers a DC voltage to the item requiring power. The SMIUSB series is a 10 W wall plug-in ac-dc power supply with interchangeable ac blades and an integrated USB input connector.

The series is designed to meet the current US DoE Level VI efficiency standards in addition to the proposed and more stringent EU CoC Tier 2 requirements.

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