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Of the five fiction authors whose selections I read this time around, the only one I'd previously had any real experience with before was Oates. No enrollment or registration.

Introduction to Fiction, An, 11th Edition

This is one of over 2, courses on OCW. August 21, Since my last update, I've read four more stories here. This was the only story of the five that I disliked --unapologetically. Also, they all demonstrate a real skill for creating deeply realized characters whose attributes are brought out perfectly through the telling detail.

The best known of the three stories is "A Good Man Is Hard to Find," which of course has a positive message as O'Connor explains in one of the included critical pieces ; but for me the horrific impact of the events of the story --even depicted without blood and gore-- was so pervasive that the message was lost in it, and the climactic gesture that embodied it was just perceived as an odd anomaly and passed over.

A revision grade will replace the original grade only if it is higher. I'd read and greatly liked some of Tolstoy's other short stories before, and come to appreciate his unflinching --and skillfully conveyed-- Christian moral vision.

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It was a textbook for a college class I took Shelves: Contributions to the classroom discussion list figure in classroom participation, and students will be asked to lead discussions and classroom workshops as well.

Faulkner's is a quote from his Nobel Prize acceptance speech, which I'd read elsewhere years ago, but it's quite good --and flies in the face of so much of the critical community's dominant attitudes today. The one exception to this is deconstructionist criticism, which I view as unadulterated tripe.

Send to friends and colleagues. Basically, it deals with a year-old girl who becomes the prey of two middle-aged psychopaths bent on rape. A good question for deconstructionists: Also, I read most of the remaining comments by authors about the craft of fiction.

It's easily one of the most starkly horrifying tales in the English language, and the more so because, unlike tales of supernatural menaces, it's something that could really happen. Be that as it may, it was an exploration I didn't need, and it serves, IMO, no constructive or uplifting literary purpose save maybe to remind me of why I much prefer to get my "horror" in the supernatural realm.

In choosing the stories, the editors concentrated heavily on descriptive general fiction. All three of the stories were worthwhile in their own way. Freely browse and use OCW materials at your own pace.

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If you need an extension to the next class periodyou must get permission before the paper is due. One of these, Jorge Luis Borges' "The Gospel According to Mark," was not one that I personally appreciated at all, though it would be impossible to analyze why without engaging in a spoiler.

An Introduction to Fiction

Like other communications-intensive courses in the humanities, arts, and social sciences, it allows students to produce 20 pages of polished writing with careful attention to revision. But they have certain commonalities. Perhaps some of this was because I originally read it as a child of about ten --which is probably not the best age at which to encounter something like this.

Short story fans; readers interested in seriously studying literature Recommended to Werner by: I've read some of the stories already; so I'm going to review the ones I've read so far.

The only one that proved to be really disappointing was Raymond Carver's "Cathedral. For further guidance see the MIT Web site on plagiarism.

These units are all followed by Suggestions for Writing, and all the stories in these sections are followed by intelligent questions that help the reader to interpret and appreciate them.

It was a textbook for a college class I took Shelves: These are followed by about two dozen stories divided between units on aspects of fiction like Plot, Character, Setting, Theme, etc. Their protagonists or other characters may be very flawed; but the writers aren't promoting or excusing the flaws, but rather the reverse.

Intro to Amish Fiction: Five Authors to Check Out

Baldwin and Walker deal with, respectively, the urban and the rural American Black experience, and with issues of family dynamics, personal character and choices as well. Instead, her exploration of the social, moral and psychological ramifications of the character and his situation is nuanced, penetrating, balanced and thought provoking.

Also, they all demonstrate a real skill for creating deeply realized characters whose attributes are brought out perfectly through the telling detail. Boyle portrays the milieu of the socially, morally and culturally lost, stoned, egoistic, irresponsible delinquent youth of the 60s and afterward -- this has, tragically, become a fixture of the American scene with an obvious insider's eye, in the setting of a polluted lakeshore, the perfect symbol of nature defiled and perverted by a toxic culture.

Kennedy/Gioia's An Introduction to Fiction, 11th edition continues to inspire students with a rich collection of fiction and engaging insights on reading, analyzing, and writing about stories. This bestselling anthology includes sixty-five superlative short stories, blending classic works and contemporary selections/5(30).

Attention authors of the 21st century! If you have an unpredictable schedule, travel often, or live outside the Boston area, this online course is the perfect fit for your modern lifestyle.

“Introduction to Fiction” will teach you a slew of essential fiction techniques all from the comfort of. Philosophy From Plato and Socrates to Ethics and Metaphysics, an Essential Primer on the History of Thought (Adams ) Sep 18, Learn intro to fiction with free interactive flashcards.

Choose from different sets of intro to fiction flashcards on Quizlet. This course investigates the uses and boundaries of fiction in a range of novels and narrative styles - traditional and innovative, western and nonwestern - and raises questions about the pleasures and meanings of verbal texts.

Jan 01,  · An Introduction to Fiction has 71 ratings and 11 reviews. Werner said: Nov. 20, This book served as a textbook for a college class I took in the mi /5.

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