Should space exploration be continued

That was because of bureaucratic objections and concerns about the time and money it would take to establish a new branch. Matter changes direction and velocity only in response to a force. The thousands of starving people cannot survive without food so why spend money on products which we do not need.

Or why we should spend money on understanding our whole world when there are so many problems here in our own country. Basically, I think that the only reason that we are so interested in exploring our own planet is because it is "our" planet, and we are under the absurd impression that we must know our own environment before branching out into others, when truthfully, doing both at the same time is an ideal opportunity that we seem to be taking for granted.

Anyway, space exploration absolutely does give us a direct benefit. And it might not have a value that I can put a price tag on, but in terms of unifying everyone, from people in my city to people in a foreign country to people or intelligences on other planets or in other galaxies, space exploration is something that is the great equalizer.

The sun, the largest star, is at the centre and all objects orbit or revolve around it.

Why We Explore

Agency leaders there oversee activities conducted at the 10 research centers scattered around the country: We have seen that solar powered cars can convert it to electricity and has just as much if not more power then gas cars. There is poverty and injustice in the world.

There are numerous more examples that you can Google for yourself. How do space probes help for space exploration. In Mayone day after Mariner 8 malfunctioned at launch and failed to reach orbit, Cosmos Mars Ca heavy probe of the Soviet Mars program M, also failed to launch.

Space Exploration is a waste of resources.

Space tourism

We hardly know anything about our own planet; statistically, we know more about outer space than the floor of our own ocean.

Learning about the grandest scales of our lives — about the things that are larger than us and will go on relatively unaffected by whatever we do — that has value. Our resources are limited, so they [new resources] have to come from somewhere else.

In making his flight, Garriott became the first second-generation American in space, since his father, Owen Garriottwas a former astronaut.

Should the U.S. Continue Space Exploration?

Yes, because Thinking that the budget devoted to space exploration is wasted moneywe believe that this kind of exploratin is a wild dream that we cannot achieve and the huge amounts of money are gone in smoke rather than to spend these amounts to relieve poverty in the Third World and medical researches should be encouraged instead these explorations.

But as you know, it's not as though the president can snap his fingers and make this happen. The numbers make a person feel so small. I like to think of the reasons for making that pledge, in terms of the push to outer space, as the five E’s (plus examples): exploration (to the moon and Mars), entertainment (cool Hubble pictures), energy (space solar power and asteroid mines), empire building (defending the high frontier) and extinction avoidance (fending off space rocks, and.

Should space exploration be continued? Do you think that space exploration should be continued? Some people think that we should continue exploring the space, and others think that we should stop exploring the space. These people have their own reasons for it or against it.

Either way, space exploration has both its advantages and disadvantages. The Importance of Exploration (continued) American Exploration Editor's Note: This is the first in a series of essays on exploration by NASA's Chief Historian, Steven J.

Dick. Jan 16,  · “If technological civilizations engage in space exploration for sufficiently long periods of time (say millions of years), they may do so in forms that are unrecognizable to species just beginning the venture,” wrote McCurdy.

Should the U.S.

Space Exploration Is a Waste of Money

Continue Space Exploration? With NASA facing another round of cuts, the status of the American space program is in. The goal of the Space Studies Colloquium is to bring guest researchers from the astronautical and space science communities in both industry and academia to support space-related scholarship in the Department of Space Studies and at UND and other North Dakota institutions of higher education.

Should space exploration be continued
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