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We also offer many opportunities to explore linkages between the theory and practice of politics. They learn from such masters as Plato, Aristotle, Aquinas, and Machiavelli.

The and and the greatly enrich our scholarly community. We suggest you provide an overview of your work and the motivation for your project, and then pick one short story that exemplifies the work you did.

Include page numbers, table of contents and cover page. No more than one course may be an Advanced Placement credit.

The Department expects that at least five of these eight courses be taken at Swarthmore, including the Political Theory requirement, and that two will be taken at the introductory level POLS,If the written exam provided choices of which problems to solve, you may want to be ready to respond to the choices that you didn't answer on the written.

Please note that applications, as well as credentials and supplementary materials, must be submitted by the deadline. You are strongly encouraged to seek the guidance of your research mentor well before your scheduled presentation.

She took both an introductory and a history class listed as Black Studies courses. As you prepare for your oral exams this week, here are a few tips: Bestvater is a second-year Ph.

The thesis must be in a format suitable for binding and reproduction.

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It builds from introductory courses to upper-level courses to honors seminars. Supplementary material such as compound verification, computer code, etc is not included in this page limit.

During honors week, you will take four oral exams with outside examiners. In many ways, Aristotle, who was an inveterate commentator on types of regimes, was the first analytic political scientist.

Whether by bullets or ballots, by violent struggle or peaceful competition for office, politics is about deciding who rules, for what purposes, and under what constraints.

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Such topics as howto select a supportive committee, making a compelling presentation of yourresearch outcomes and strategies for actually getting the paper writtenare discussed. The next year, Lo took another class in the department, the History and Theory of Video Games, and realized she could actually pursue video game studies as a potential major.

Three good quality copies one for you, one for your supervisor, one for the seminar room. He spent one year working at a human rights foundation, conducting research on theories of atrocity prevention, which he said he would not have done without the familiarity with extant literature that came out of his thesis work.

Committed to excellence in research and teaching, methodological diversity, and interdisciplinary collaborations, the department offers a stimulating intellectual community that is committed to diversity and equality of opportunity for students and faculty of all backgrounds.

Lo has found the different departments her major fits under extremely supportive of her plan of study and her interests. Curriculum Vitae Neil deGrasse Tyson - Hayden … Graduating from Swarthmore with a bachelor of arts degree with highest honours inRobert Putnam went on to study at Balliol College, Oxford — where he spent a good deal of time with David Butler and Donald Stokes, who were writing at the time.

It adopts and develops insights and approaches from microeconomics, history, ethics, data sciences, mathematics for instance game theory and social choice theorystatistics, affective and cognitive psychology, and even rather recently neurobiology and genetics.

Cohen felt that the college provided her with a great deal of resources in order to design her own educational path. The examiner may be trying to decide between high honors and highest honors. One good way to prepare for the oral exam is to go over all written exam questions after taking the written exam.

They forge collective symbols and craft and recraft compelling narratives about mutual identities and social goals. Students currently have access to interdisciplinary and innovative pedagogies in GIS training, for understanding local democracy in and around Swarthmore and poverty in Chester, PA, and for understanding the nature of mass incarceration in the United States.

The preferred option is Pols Swarthmore College Political Science. He had wanted to do a comparative study covering Britain and a contrasting country.

Each student will work with a faculty advisor to prepare for the paper and the conference.

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Any exception to this rule has to have the written approval of the Chair. Finally they distribute or redistribute economic resources — which is one reason why politics can be terribly contentious.

He then went to Yale to do graduate work. Swarthmore College Political Science. Political science applicants are accepted for the fall semester only. Financial aid is limited to PhD candidates. Swarthmore College, College Avenue, Swarthmore, PA Phone: Call Submit Site Feedback If you are experiencing difficulty accessing information on this site due to a disability, or if you have questions or concerns regarding the accessibility of content on this site, please tell us about the issue so we can assist.

Political science­ is the rigorous intellectual quest to identify and understand such phenomena. Political science builds on the thought of key Enlightenment figures such as Locke, Madison, Smith, Hume, and Condorcet, and of grand social theorists of the 19 th century, such.

Political Science

As a political science major at Swat with strong interests in psychology and philosophy as well, I had the opportunity to study political science with an eye on questions of justice, to learn about political philosophy, ethics, political psychology, cultural anthropology, and more.

Political science­ is the rigorous intellectual quest to identify and understand such phenomena. Political science builds on the thought of key Enlightenment figures such as Locke, Madison, Smith, Hume, and Condorcet, and of grand social theorists of the 19 th century, such as Tocqueville, Mill, Marx, Weber, and Freud.

A graduate of Swarthmore who majored in political science with the concentration in Black Studies and public policy and who attended Exeter College at Oxford University, England, Reeves teaches courses across the arenas of American government, electoral politics, and public opinion; racial politics and voting rights policy; the urban .

Swarthmore political science thesis
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