What makes alice walker an outstanding writer of her autobiography

During the two years she attended Spelman she became active in the civil rights movement. But such life experiments can be dangerous, and they are essentially artificial.

Their strength resides in their acknowledged debt to their mothers, to their sensuality, and to their friendships among women. It was in San Francisco where she found her place along with all the other isolated beings who has found refuge at that place.

Walker, the youngest of eight children, was first enrolled in school when she was just four years old at East Putnam Consolidated. While growing up she was accidentally blinded in one eye, and her mother gave her a typewriter, allowing her to write instead of doing chores.

Angelou, on her part presents hers by means of the autobiographies she has penned down. They are the ones who were displaced from their residences and native soil.

Types of Memoir

Includes bibliographical references and index. The latter bears witness to sexist violence and abuse in the African American community. The novel explores the life of Grange Copeland, an abusive, irresponsible sharecropper, husband and father.

Alice Walker Additional Biography

Angelou recounts her story in an informal manner. Set in rural Georgia during segregationThe Color Purple brings components of nineteenth-century slave autobiography and sentimental fiction together with a confessional narrative of sexual awakening.

Alice Walker Biography

After graduating with honors from Sarah Lawrence Walker worked briefly for the welfare office in New York City, but soon realized that it left her little time for writing.

Through it, man learns about the innermost feelings and thoughts of his neighbors — the truest and most real part of themselves. For a writer who is not well-known, conceptual autobiography may be the most publishable type if you can come up with a fresh concept, live through it, and write about it with insight.

The woman needs some sort of guard for her wounds still hurt, it has not healed just yet.

Maya Angelou and Alice Walker Essay

There has been no inkling of aggressiveness. Her audience senses an association with the ache that she feels, nonetheless do not fail to recognize that redemption is still within accessible reach.

Maya Angelou is an American author, poet, playwright, editor, actress, director and teacher. Both authors depicted their experiences as an element of a bigger endeavor.

A strong spiritual element can be found in her work, as well as an enduring message of hope. Walker is a leading figure in liberal politics. There are no transitions between chapters, but altogether the work is like a novel in that it follows a small group of characters and completes each of their stories.

The book became a bestseller and was subsequently adapted into a critically acclaimed movie directed by Steven Spielbergfeaturing Oprah Winfrey and Whoopi Goldbergas well as a Broadway musical totaling performances. She is transported in seven residences since she was three until she reached the age of She later became valedictorian and was voted most-popular girl, as well as queen of her senior class, but she realized that her traumatic injury had some value: Later, she volunteered to register black voters in Georgia and Mississippi.

While teaching she was at work on her first novel, The Third Life of Grange Copelandwhich was assisted by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts ; a government program to provide money to artists.

Angelou and Walker narrate to their readers the kind of life they came to know while growing up. It was all because people cared to share what he knew to those who might have been in need of an inspiration, a hand to hold, someone to relate to all this time.

For the most part the dominant poignant reaction that both narratives may generate from their audiences was one of unbelievable sadness.

Watch video · Maya Angelou was a poet and award-winning author known for her acclaimed memoir 'I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings' and her numerous poetry and essay collections. calling her.

Alice Walker, best known perhaps as the author of The Color Purple, was the eighth child of Georgia sharecroppers. After a childhood accident blinded her in one eye, she went on to become valedictorian of her local school, and attend Spelman College and Sarah Lawrence College on scholarships, graduating in Alice Walker, in full Alice Malsenior Walker, (born February 9,Eatonton, Georgia, U.S.), American writer whose novels, short stories, and poems are noted for their insightful treatment of African American culture.

Alice Malsenior Walker was born on February 9,in Eatonton, Georgia, to Willie Lee and Minnie Tallulah (Grant) Walker.

Biography and Awards

Like many of Walker's fictional characters, she was the daughter of a sharecropper (a farmer who rents his. Watch video · Walker is also known for her work as an activist. 'The Color Purple': Book and Movie.

Alice Walker's career as a writer took flight with the publication of her third novel, The Color Purple, in Set in the early s, the novel explores the female African-American experience through the life and struggles of its narrator, Celie.

Alice Walker (b. 1944)

Based on Alice Walker’s novel, the story centers on a black woman named Celie, who grows up in intense poverty in the American South and endures harsh treatment from her stepfather, husband and others in her life, which tests her faith in God and humankind.

Walker won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction, becoming the first black woman to do so.

What makes alice walker an outstanding writer of her autobiography
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